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Get Ready To Prune Your Plume

Discover the ultimate skincare regime for intimate stylists.

PH balanced and dermatologist approved

Hypoallergenic fragrance

vegan and animal friendly

Made with love and care in the United Kingdom


Everybody loves that post-wax or shave sensation – that ‘flaunt it’ feeling where you know that you’re looking great, over and under. Whether you like to rock a Brazilian or a Hollywood, smooth clean chest or a cultured au naturel, Feathrs’ range of intimate styling products will keep your most delicate skin looking and feeling smooth, soft and strong.



We understand that everybody’s skin is different. Our belief is that when taking care of your skin, be it legs, hands, face or intimate areas, the product you use should be designed to care for your unique needs. At Feathrs, we want to help liberate people from the tired old taboo of looking after their intimate areas. With decades of skincare expertise under our belts, we have developed a unique intimate styling range that specifically cares for and nourishes the skin in the most delicate areas of your beautiful body.